Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Stuck for Ideas?

I am not usually a fan of shopping, but when flying on a domestic US flight, (once in a blue moon) I love browsing through the Sky Mall magazines.  I imagine I could get into some serious trouble if I actually ever had an alcoholic beverage on board, knew how to shop in flight and lived in the United States.
Look at some of these beauties:
Bigfoot Garden Yeti Statues
Yes.  This is a Bigfoot Garden Yeti Statue.
And I would like the largest size possible please.
Bigfoot Holiday Yeti Ornament


Sasquatch Pet Beds
A croc style bed for your pet.
How utterly and wonderfully, randomly incomprehensible.

Pugz Shoes for Dogs
Oh Joy.  Uggs for dogs.
Actually, if they make our pooch shuffle along like a lazy-bones who just got out of bed and can't be bothered to pick up their feet when they are walking ( like ugg boots seem to make one do) it might stop her pulling on the lead so hard...
UpRight Sleeper / Cover Combo
Solving that embarrassing problem of sleeping on stranger's shoulders on long journeys.
This looks compact and easy to carry and wouldn't freak anyone out, at all.  It can most likely be used as a thigh-master too!
StreetStrider Summit 8r
The couple that dorks-out together; stays together.
Jeans Lounge Pants
Jeans Lounge Pants.  For the hubby who works from home to pretend that he has actually got dressed.  Sort of.
Easter Island Monolith Statues
So we could say this over and over and over again.
"Hey Dum Dum.  You Give me Gum Gum."
It wouldn't get old.
Peeing Boy Fountain
For my front drive because I am posh like that.
Basho the Sumo Wrestler Table
Told you I was posh.

Pet Crate End Tables
Because sticking your dog in a cage won't look so mean if it is actually a table.

Movie Screen + MegaPlex Combo
Because you won't look like a show-off when you invite your friends round to watch your portable inflatable movie screen.

Nano-UV Wand
Whoa.  It's a light saber style disinfection wand!  Every childminder, nursery and school needs one of these.    Each child to be scanned upon entering and leaving the premises.

Multimedia Photo Clock
Apparently, this teaches children the concept of sleep and can work much more effectively than the age old shouting from the other bedroom "IT'S SLEEP TIME!" "QUIET".
Now they can mess around with the settings and continually check the screen to see if the new picture has come up yet.  And for $89, I'm sure it is extra durable to resist those early morning brother wrestling matches.  Awww.  So cute!

Custom 3D Reel and Viewer
Seriously though, this would be an awesome gift for a photo/toy/retro lover.  And the places that do them are popping up all over.
These are most definitely on my wish list!


  1. Thank you for this post. I am smiling with tears. "because I am posh like that. told you I was posh." Though I have never met you in person I have a sense over a cup of tea or some such beverage, you would have me on the floor laughing. Hope your day is great.

    1. I would love to have a cup of tea with you Angie! That would be great:-)


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