Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Io Io Io!"

On the road trying to find some ruins of a local manor house.  I have been trying to get there for a while now.

We found my "pot of gold",
and attended a candlelit service in the small church next door to the old manor house.
Apparently, it is only opened several times a year.
We squished in to join in with some good ol' Christmas carols.
I would have loved to have taken pictures inside.  Everyone's faces were lit up beautifully by candle light, but there was no space to lift the camera, the click would have been too loud, and I was too busy sending hand signals to my girl, "sungen" and trying not to embarrass her too much by channelling Mahalia Jackson while singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Leaving church through the fields.

Now! Bring us some Figgy Pudding!

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