Friday, 21 December 2012


What we have been up to instead of housework, paperwork and cooking properly...
Shopping vintage and scored a large amount of scarves...

What a treasure.

And using them as wrapping.
Now going out to someone who appreciates the finer quality things in life.

Never buying gift labels again. 
Used the big round hole punch to cut out bits from last year's cards.
The two year old likes to throw these in the air like snow.

Preeety scarf.
Pressie wrapped with suede lace.

Reality check for fellow snoopers-we make messes.
This is how we wrap.
it snowed.
cards as labels,
reindeer's in the stable.

(see the Christmas tree effect there?)

I have let my standards slip so bad.
I do not like cutsie gifts in jars, or cups.
I wanted to burn wooden spoons so bad since I saw this the other day:
And we couldn't just give the teachers a weirdly burned wooden spoon for Christmas now, could we? 

To be fair, my boy tells me that she likes to bake...

Those are meant to be snowflakes nk?

And then again, I let my standards slip. 
I do not like house decor label words, unless they are for learning how to sight-read for toddlers, (we we have laminated all over the house-television, computer, door, stairs...)
or if they are rude.
(You know the trendy house labels that I mean?  Sleep, Dream, Relax, Love, Home, Family... .
 Eat- I don't mind, I don't have a problem with someone telling me to Eat.
But in general, I don't like being told what to do, even if I wanted to do it in the first place.)
if it's slightly rude, I'm cool with it.
And so... I couldn't stop burning spoons. 
They were only 25p each from Sainsburys!
And I put "lekker", "smakelijk" and "grub" on them, because even though they are indeed food/home related words, there is a hint of naughtiness about them.
Like Nigella Lawson.
Happy Christmas to Me!
Now taking orders for rude-ish words onto wooden spoons or chopping boards...

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