Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bigging It Up My Village Yo.

I'm pretty chuffed with the Moo Postcards that we made for the 2 year old for Christmas.
He is really into the alphabet right now, and he loves cards and delivering them and posting them all over the house, so I decided to make him a set of alphabet cards of people, places and things from our village.
I have seen a lot of "make your own alphabet" books online, but I decided to go with the village theme to encourage community appreciation in my children and myself.
Another reason we decided to go with postcards rather than a book, was so that we could add on to the collection in the future.
And the postcards are pretty durable, as opposed to prints.
Some of these pictures were taken by the boy on the kid's fisher price camera so they are his view of our village.

It was a great excuse for us to communicate even more with people in our community.  I even got police to come round with flashing lights!  

I added the writing in on Picmonkey.

I hope that he likes them. 
I do!

Postcards printed with Moo, mainly because unlike Photobox, you can have numerous different designs in a pack of cards.  (Photobox requires you to order sets of cards with the same design.)
I'm sure that I am one of the last to fully discover Moo, but incase you haven't and you want to try them, you can get 10% discount with your first order, and if you use this link, I will get some benefits too!

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