Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why Aye Man!

Why eye men?
I do not know.  We just felt like it.
Hence- "Why Aye Man!"  We do it!
Meet the Family:
(googly eyes stuck onto canvas by moi, and kids did the character details with le black sharpie pen.  I love simple black sharpie pens on canvas.)
Daddy Eye Man

Big Sister Eye Gal
Mummy Eye Lady ( I think this is my daughter's subliminal message to get me to dye my hair dark again.)
Big Brother Eye Guy, apparently celebrating Movember.
Really this was just attention to detail- you know that dip under your nose, in between your nostrils?
Baby Brother Eye Guy

Dog Eye Dog
And because googly eyes are so much fun, I stuck them all over the canvas and then didn't know what to do with them.  The boy took over and created aliens.  Some with pants on their heads.
Any googly eyes are great, but I particularly liked the tiered effect, adds character dimensions.
Why, yes we do take commissions!
Would you like an individualised eye man portrait for your loved one this Christmas?  Send us a pic and we will work our magic.
The kids have better business sense then me though, so you might be charged for this unique creation... 

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