Monday, 5 November 2012

Our "Pointless" Hama Bead Bowls

I do love a simple, effective craft session.  But every so often, I wonder "What is the Point?" 
What is the point?
There is some bad stuff going on in the world.
Some sad stuff.
And there is always some real work to be done.
Chores, chores and always chores.
A little crafting is a little selfish.
And I feel guilty indulging.
Does there need to be a point?

Does it need to be a masterpiece?

Who cares about the point, when you can just get lost in making a mess for a little while, and while you are getting lost, you might find time to sort out some of life's heavier thoughts.
And maybe, even if you make something that turns out to be a little on the "not-so-great" side, maybe it was the process of doing it, and sifting through your thoughts that is the point.
Maybe, while you were making that dodgy bit of who-knows-what and dedicating your thoughts to your loved ones, maybe those positive thoughts will float through the air like radio waves and reach those who need it.
Maybe this is far fetched.
(And of course getting off one's backside to get more physically involved in helping others is always a better course of action.)

But a bit of crafting on my own, or with the kiddies, gives me a little bit of self-satisfaction.
I find burning, melting, smashing and colourful projects to be particularly "therapeutic."  
What is the point? 
I do not know.
But maybe it's the unjustifiable things in life that make it so enjoyable.
Guilty Pleasures.

FYI: We used instructions from here:
and I can guarantee that these are so simple to make.  We did not ruin any bowls or pans, or have dripping plastic decorate the oven as I would expect when crafting with myself.
Quickly satisfying like a Happy Meal.
And I'm sure to use them for Easter Baskets or Christmas wrapping....

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  1. I like this. I like this all around. Thank you for sharing your "pointless" craft. It has made a point to me.


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