Friday, 16 November 2012

If You Build It...

 They Will Come.
 Do you remember The Abandoned Village of Vintage Fisher Price?
Well it's not so abandoned anymore.
Last weekend, I took another massive load of stuff to dump at swap shop and I was feeling ashamed (at how much stuff we have) and smug (at how much stuff we are getting rid of and how much more tidy space we will have).  Of course I did a little cruise around, looking for specific things on my invisible list and NOTHING else.
And I happened to spy this box of beauties:
Come to Mama.
I have adopted these two blond beauties to come and live in the abandoned village.  
And they came with table and chairs, car, beds in need off bedding and some furniture for the lounge.
And a flower.
The box also contained some plants in need of some t.l.c. and a fantastic kitchen unit.

It's nice to have some dolls whose butts actually stick into the Ferris wheel seats.  The other dolls kept falling out and the Health and Safety Inspector kept trying to shut the wheel down.
I think they are happy here.

But the Ferris Wheel Dude has still got his grump on.
Some things never change.
Homemade Easy Chair
Now, I really am a vintage fisher price fan, because I was curious as to why the little girl doll has got a wooden body and the mum's is plastic.  So I decided to do a bit of research and found this:
And I spent a little while on there...
Eye Candy!
And I discovered that the roof of our school is magnetic.  
I think I knew this, but I forgot.
And that was our little bit of swap shopping excitement!
I have self analysed myself to be a "Minimalistic Hoarder."  
And that is pretty self-explanatory, and I can only justify it by treating most things as temporary and as if they are on loan from swap shop or the charity shops because I know they will find their way there again one day...

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