Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to Pose, by A Two Year Old

We've been busy snapping some shots for family friends, so since we have the backdrop and lights all set up,  I wanted to use it to try get a nice picture of my three little monkeys.
I don't ever have high hopes of this happening.  Especially not in the studio.
They are way to wiggly and have alternating mood swings to expect the right moment to occur at the same time.  But for a mother, a picture of all of your kids, smiling in the same place, is a picture to be treasured.
So I thought that I would try.
I started by warming up the 2 year old as he is not keen on official photos.
Here he contemplates his stance on cooperating for photos.
He Cooperates!
His pose of choice.

Some other poses of his choice

And the three of them together, for a split second=happy Mummy.


  1. Hi Katie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Welcome Chris! I love your blog name:-) And some very nice things on yours too! x

  2. They are beautiful!


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