Thursday, 22 November 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!  
I am very thankful for lots and lots and one of them is this blog and all of y'all!
So I'm celebrating by doing one of those giving things like we did back in May.
If you fancy it...
There is either 
a set of 27 or so random postcards


a set of 10 flowery cards with envelopes

to be had by one lovely reader.  There are some of the same postcards from last time, jumbled in with some new ones.  They might arrive just in time to be used as a "re-gifting" item! 
(Homegirls need not apply, you'll be having these for Christmas as usual Mom! Sorry to ruin the surprise.)
Rather than use the thingmabobber this time, I'm going to try doing this old school style.
So please leave a comment on this post- make it a totally random, doozy comment please.
Entertain me!
Maybe you could:
Tell me what your least favourite word is? (Handy Hubby cringes at the word Doiley)
The funniest word that always makes you laugh... (mine is usually poop and variations of that- because I am that mature.)
Tell me a random, awesome quote.  (one that keeps running through my head right now: "And I forget just why I taste..." very pertinent to my recent moods.)
Then, tell me which one you might like (if any.  You can just leave me random weird comments because I would like that too.)
And then I will collect all the names of those who have left a comment and pop them in a hat and...
take. one. out.
and then ta-da!

Oh yeah- and I will be drawing the names around 6pm English people time this Sunday, 25th November.
How very technically official.
Maybe I should put some of that small writing stuff here:
I have the right to change my mind.
If I cannot contact first name drawn to get a postal address within 24 hours, then I will draw another name etc.
All cards are printed from Photobox or and packaged in glamorous Ryman envelopes.


  1. OOOH I want the cards. Nope the post cards. Nope both. Nope I want them all. Nope I want some of each. ACK!! Fine just surprise me. As to entertaining. I can't even imagine where to begin as I often feel I am not an entertainer. But if you were here in my living room I could do a random jig for you cause that I am. Random. Or better yet I would let my nearly four year old do something random for you cause SHE. IS. AMAZING. at Random. Here is something she did last night. "Mom, I am a bird, I lost all my feathers, they all fell out, but that's okay cause they will grow back."

    1. Haha! I have been entertained! Thank you Angie!Would be nice to see you do a jig too:-)Good Luck!

    2. Hurrah Angie! You have indeed won:-) I'm sorry for the delay but we had a sick little man to attend to. I'll be in touch so that I know where to send the random cards. thank you for participating! Xxx

  2. I am not entering the contest b/c I am already a very THANKFUL recipient of previous batches. I have selfishly kept them to myself and framed them - they are that good!

    But if the jigger is the recipient, I would love to see a video of the jig posted on this blog!


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