Saturday, 10 November 2012

From the Earth

You might have seen my post last year about making mosaic pots from bits of broken crockery?
My friends have continued to pass on bits of old crockery that they find in their cottage garden, and I now have a treasure trove!
 I adore these fragments.  Especially when they still have the dirt on them.
Straight from the Earth.
I like to imagine an older couple, living in the cottage and collecting their broken bits of crockery to break into smaller pieces to use as a rather posh slug and snail deterrent on their English Country Garden.

I keep them in glass jars on the shelf so I can dream about them.

I have also been dreaming about making things with them, so that I can see them more.

But without taking too much away from how they were found.
So I decided that I wanted to make ornaments for the tree with them, and tried to solder the edges.
I didn't really know what soldering was, and to be honest, I thought that if I could "solder", I would be all badass, like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.
Not quite.
Although I enjoyed soldering, and I did improve after about seven attempts, 
my work is pathetic and I am too ashamed to show the close ups.

I also rather liked the rougher edges so I decided to clean a few up and just glue a small hook to the back and slip a hook through to see how that looked.

Not so great pictures- I was distracted by the two year old. But I'm pretty pleased and I will probably cover the tree with them this year.  The other great thing is that it's not a permanent feature.  I am sure that you could scrape the dot of glue off of the back quite easily.

Having got the glue gun all fired up, I decided to make some marble ornaments too.
I will have to replenish the kid's stash, but I love how these turned out. 

Just a dollop of glue on the top and stuck the little loop in as it dried.  These will come off very easily as well, so not likely to last for years, but most ornaments are a bit fragile.

I would love to keep these outside all year round, but the wind would thrash them I'm sure.
I know that people like to bake marbles for effect.  I wonder how those would turn out...

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  1. So pretty!
    I would have never thought of this. Great idea.
    Would make a cute gift for someone starting out with no decorations too.
    Though, I have tons. And wouldn't mind making something like this. ~via, FJI, Pat

  2. how clever are you katie?
    what a great idea! love it, & the marbles would look so good when the lights are on them.
    i have only ever used broken crockery for mosaics, & broken tiles on a table top.

  3. Ack I am in love with both ideas. I had some peices of old broken dishes that I found while in South Africa but I believe I may have gotten rid of them cause I had no idea what to do with them. Now I am very sad at my attempt to not be a horder. Thankfully I do have some marbles on hand so that just may have to happen yet.

  4. Thank you ladies! I've just been to a friend who let me use her glass grinder to smooth some edges of another broken crockery collection before another attempt at soldering. I couldn't bring myself to grind these really old pieces, but I have another collection of broken bits and bobs and have had some broken dishes passed on to me. I also try not to be a hoarder Angie, but I'm struggling with that!

  5. OH my what a sweet idea!! I remember finding crockery like this my parent's garden as a child... but I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your marble ornaments. HOW CUTE are they!?!?!?!?! And all that twinkling and sparkling outdoors. I so want to make some.

    Thanks for sharing on the Great Ornament Exchange :-)



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