Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fishing for Letters

This is such an easy, super effective and engaging activity.
We have all these alphabet letters that never get any attention until I dumped them in this basket, grabbed the magnetic fishing rod and baking trays.
I often find that moving toys or taking them out of their usual context, gets them noticed more.  

The kids were fascinated.  We tried fishing for certain letters in particular, and were interested to discover that the letters could only be picked up if you got the magnet matched up in a certain position.  So there was a little bit of cheating that went on with encouraging fingers.

But I was amazed to see this going on.

They love Alphabet games and the word cards at the moment and they were able to do letter recognition even though the letters weren't in the same "font".  I can't find the original source that led me to play this game with them, but I have seen a lot of people print cards using pictures of the actual magnetic alphabet so that the children can make an exact match.
I was pleased to find that this was not necessary for the two-year-olds.

And they were totally proud of themselves:-)
The one year old enjoyed fishing and repeating the letter names and sounds and placing them on her board as well, so it was fun all around.

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  1. Such a good idea. We have a bag of those letters, never get around to using them, this seems like a fun way to start. :)


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