Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Burn Baby, Burn!

A village bonfire night.  
One of the many perks of living in England in Autumn.

Guy Fawkes burns in front of a captivated audience in the nearby playground.
Looked like he had a rather nice top on.
But it's gone now.

Cuddling Couple
This kid held his perch most of the evening.  It was a good spot.

Photogenic Sparklers

There's my little Goddaughter!

Big kids messing around in the Churchyard.  
It's instinctive, isn't it.  See light.  Make shadows!

2 Year Old, post festivities.
My older boy said that I should put this picture on my blog and write:
"This is my baby.  He is sleeping.  Isn't he adorable?" 
Spot on my boy.
I think he's got the hang of blogging and needs his own.



  1. That photo of your goddaughter is just great. Easily the best. The cross makes it.

  2. Sparkler photos are so much fun! Lovely post xx

  3. Dear God those shots of the lit church are really spooky, remind me of the church from 'Hot Fuzz'. Lovely shots of the event of Autumn, the bonfire looks so warm on a horrid day like today.

    Popping over from The Gallery.

  4. I love the top photo - a great set of night photos have all the atmosphere of bonfire night.

  5. What amazingly vivid pictures. I looks like a fab community event.

  6. What fabulous images... they really convey the atmosphere of a great bonfire night.


  7. Ooh good photos - I especially like the one's with the lit church - brilliantly spooky!

  8. Great set of photographs, great silhouette against the bonfire.


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