Saturday, 17 November 2012

Autumn Chief Dude

I was totally inspired by Red Ted's Art Blogs post featuring art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.
We have been collecting leaves every day, but haven't done too much with them apart from distribute them around the house.
So this was going to be great.  
I set to work with the two year old.
We did this inside, to be near the other napping children and discovered that as well as picking up a load of beautifully colored leaves, we also acquired some little black flies. 
My leaf Dude next to the 2-year-old's leaf dude.

I tried to get the older kids to join in when they got back from school, but they were having a low-energy day and our collection had to go on account of the flies.
I had fun anyway, and I'm glad we did this when we did, because the next day, the "leaf hoover" was busy at work sucking away all the tree gems.
For some inspiration, check out the linky party over at Red Ted's Art Blog, it's great!

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