Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Soapmaking Kids

A few weeks ago, my daughter and her friends had a sleepover and made some soap.

I love this one.  

Other sea creatures imbedded in the soap were snails and turtles.  The snail is being gross.

Baby in the Belly Soap.  
Complete with amniotic fluid.
(I am joking. No offense to anyone who really does make soap with amniotic fluid.  Whatever floats your boat, or your baby!)
This was the most popular baby soap because his bottom was poking out.

So much for girly-girls liking pink.  
No.  They wanted BROWN.
According to them, soap should be brown.
Surely soap should be washing brown off?  Not looking like a week of dinners from the kebab van washed down with WKD Vodka Blue...

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  1. Brilliant soaps! I keep meaning to give soap making a try, it looks a lot of fun and you can certainly produce some unique creations!


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