Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Proper Creep

The weather outside has been frightful over the pond, and we have been watching the news anxiously and feeling for those affected by the storm.  But we have managed to have pockets of nice weather over here, and we have to take it in while we can.  Hope everyone gets a little treat somehow this Halloween!
I gave myself a makeover.
Picmonkey is a brilliant tool for Procrastination.

I'm concerned that maybe you haven't seen enough of pumpkins already by this point, so here are some MORE kids with Pumpkins.  You see one, you've seen them all- I know...
but still, it is Halloween.  I am allowed.

And a click around the favoured garden centre.

Garden Centre Plant/Telephone Booth

Water reflections on underside of bridge.
I was mesmerised for as long as a two-year-old by the side of a canal would allow me to be.

We live near this.
I love it!

Trees are starting to spookify themselves.

Stumbled upon this spooky gate on a search for more pumpkins.

Apparently it is difficult to hitch up your trousers while carrying a pumpkin.

Attempting to make a Glow Stick Pumpkin this year.  I had seen someone pour glow stick juice over steps to look spooky so I thought I would be really clever (and lazy- no carving) and make a glowing lantern.
Bad idea.  I glow sticked myself, luckily not in my eye, and I learned that there are bits of glass in glow sticks.  
Fun part was that the surfaces looked like a forensic team had been in and illuminated some blood splatter all CSI-like.
FYI- we are in the process of "demolition".  So yes, I am decorating pumpkins in a bathroom/kitchen combi room. Was bathroom, will be kitchen, somewhere in between at the moment. Debating whether or not we will leave the toilet as a feature...
Meanwhile I fret that it is not lady-like to post a picture of one's old bog on the internets, but I am glowing and although that might be dangerous and corrosive, it's still pretty darn cool I think, so the pic stays.

Attempt One and Only of GlowSticking a pumpkin.  Most of the juice ran all the way down after half and hour.  And so the plate was glowing, but that was about it.  Maybe highlighters and a black light would be better...
or good old fashioned carving.
Still procrastinating on Picmonkey.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Lucky you living near the canal. I love the 'makeover' too... looks spooktacular!


  2. Picmonkey is great.
    Love the huge wheelbarrow pic x

  3. Fantastic post and stunning pictures. I really liekd the one of the old red door.

    Herding Cats

  4. I love what you can achieve with pic monkey. All that pumpkin picking and outdoor play looks like more fun than spooky, I even rather like the broken gate....in day light at least!


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