Friday, 26 October 2012

My Hoard

Here's another little snoop and show and tell around our bookshelf.
I happened to mention to my father in law that I love old books.  Some of these used to be his when he was a child and he has since passed them onto us.  
I only keep books that I have read if I plan to read them again, or if they were life affecting.  The others I pass on to make space for children's books. 
I prefer children's books.
My copy of Anna Karenin from school days, the marks in the margins make me feel that once upon a time, I was intellectual.
A gift from my mother.
I love having insight into a book's past lives.
A gift from my aunt.  
Could there be a more suitable book title?!
Again, the secret life of a book; revealed.
Here is our book shelf as it is on a tidier day.  I like to snoop through other people's shelves, so I thought I would put mine out there in case there are like-minded people!
There is a basic order and it mostly works in terms of height.  The bottom three shelves are anything goes and the higher shelves are out of reach of small hands.  Most of the things on there are older, and more fragile. But I do get them down regularly!
And here is a sneaky peek into someone else's bookshelf.
A taster of a snooping session to come!
Stay tuned.

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  1. Lovely books! I like old books too, I have some that were my Dad's, I used to read them as a child so they are very battered, but because they are good quality hardbacks they've stood up well. Looking forward to seeing the snooping session!


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