Monday, 29 October 2012

More Than Words

I promised another snooping session. 
But I have been struggling to add a narrative to go along with some of the pictures.  I think that is because this place and it's people are so wonderful that any words that I might use to describe anything here, would not even come close to doing any justice to the things you see here.  
So I will remain mostly hushed.
And let you enjoy.
 Carl and Esther built this house themselves and 
Carl made all of the stained glass and paintings.

A collection of Tye River Pottery

There are details like this all over the house...

A beautiful view of the woods with a beautiful surround and I have taken such a poor picture of this!

I like to call this "The One that Got Away."  My uncle very nearly had this beauty in his possession, until Carl realized that he couldn't part ways with her.

Carl is working hard to complete the other panels for this room.  Since I last spoke to him, he had finished another one.

Stubbornly refusing to have her picture taken, my daughter has made herself a mask.

I think that is a look of thoughtful inspiration.  While we were here, she started making a book of Stained Glass Designs.  I think that she is hoping for her very own "Carl Masterpiece!"

A year of seasons. Paintings in the bathroom.  I would never leave the tub if I could gaze at these while soaking!

Stained Glass of the same scene in the Bathroom

I bet this view is amazing in the Autumn

Exploring the many surprising features of the house.

Esther and Carl, the builders and owners of this beautiful home.

A mighty fine doorknocker!

Everyone has to have a go!

The door to "The Honey House"

Stained Glass Planning

I hope you enjoyed that snoop as much as I did.
Thank you Carl and Esther!

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