Monday, 1 October 2012

Mooching Around Oxford

I indulged myself over the weekend and let myself get carried away taking pictures and messing with them on Snapseed.
Day One- Date with the little one on a double-decker bus to town to climb a tower.  He had fun, I had fun, although I had forgotten that I am not so cool with heights or remembering to take kids to the toilet before ascending tall towers.
Day Two- Took the older boy for a Mummy/son date wandering down the Cowley Road and then through town. He had fun, I had fun. We caught a gig at the Truck store and I taught him how to be a groupie.   Ice cream at George and Davis, maze at the Botanic Gardens, book shop browsing, people watching, and picture taking.  Thankfully my boy is very, very patient with his clickhappy Mama.
Day Three- Sifted through a zillion pics while trying to ignore real jobs that needed doing.
Here are my favourites in no particular order:

There is an astronaut in a window.  At least we think it is.  This was the the greatest thing for the 2 year old!

Nairobi at the Truck shop with intense sunset.
Check them out here:
or here:

And just in case that wasn't enough for you, you can watch over five minutes of  video of the pictures.  The 2 year old taught me how to make an imovie using photos, and I wanted to have a go.  
It's over five minutes worth because I wanted to use that particular song by The Epstein (from Oxford) and so I then had to fill up the end and used the shots from a few days ago at Blenheim.
Might be good as a screen saver or procrastinator...
(Do not feel obligated on this one.)

Yikes.  It's long right?


  1. Gorgeous -- so well done. Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best. Much appreciated.


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