Thursday, 4 October 2012

It's Log!

Another series of celebrations, meant another series of Log Crafts.  Everyone wants a log for their birthday right?!  (I hope so because everyone it getting one for their birthdays and Christmas...)

It's Log, Log fun for everyone! Hubby and the kids got involved/took over!

I am not saying that this is how to do it.  I'm just saying that this is how we did it.

And there you have a spiky log pencil holder!
We got the idea from here: 

I made this with Handy Hubby's tools and with old bits from pallets.
And the soldering iron.  
Handy Hubby couldn't resist, and took over.  
It was just too much fun and also probably quite difficult for him to watch my poor technique.

This is starting to look like an advert for Crocs.
Health and Safety peeps- We should be wearing steel toed boots or something, but this was at least a bit better than flip flops.

I had to dash and found the hubby completely taking over.  I was about to have a hissy fit because always takes my projects and does them so much better and faster!  But then I saw what he was making.
He was making a sign for my first proper craft stall:-)
I don't know if the craft stall is actually going to happen, but I've already planned a space for the sign over a door frame.
These were also for the craft stall, and handmade by Handy Hubby.
But I think we'll have to keep these.
We have more logs stockpiled... we can make more!

And these.
Although I prefer the ones with the bark still intact.

The sign in better light, but not yet hung.
He is forgiven for digging into my stash and beating me to it in the sign-making department.


  1. Love the pencil holder, that is so cool! Great idea! x

  2. love it all.....clever girl!!!


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