Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I should be an artiste- non?

During the summer, we lounged about and played "let me draw you."  
I started.
(I worked HARD on this- Ok?!)
And anyway, my boy was impressed.
He said; and I quote: "Whoa. You should be an artist when you are older."

And again, he was equally impressed with my ability to recreate reality in pencil/paper form. (e-hem)

my boy retracted his earlier ego-boosting statement with a simple:
"Actually, maybe not..."
I guess it's just because it reminds him of  a scene from the movie Harry and the Hendersons, when George is drawing a portrait of Harry and doesn't get it right and that movie freaks him out.
I won't take it personally.
And I am an artiste anyway.
That is what I told the Handy Hubby the other day when I was busy making movies.
"I am an artist."  I said.
"I've got no time for mundane tasks like washing up.  I have a greater calling."
To which he replied- "You are not an artist.  Artists live in chaos and decay."
"Look around you."  I replied.
And I heard no more.
Therefore, I can only assume that my artistic qualifications have been acknowledged.

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  1. Well, that explains the state of my house. Lol. Cute post and I think you did well with your drawings. :)


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