Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All the Leaves are Brown

Ok, not quite yet!
But we have been doing a bit of Autumn Appreciating around here.
What we've been reading:

Shirley Hughes
When We Went to the Park
I love everything about these illustrations.  It's particularly lovely to see how Grandad and Grandaughter can take their time to appreciate the walk and let mum have some time to get on with things at home.
My Grandpa did the same for me.

Chae Strathie and Poly Bernatene
The Tickle Tree.
Virginia Lee Burton
The Little House
Beautiful Book given to us by a good friend.  I had never heard of this book before, but it covers seasons, time and change and is perfect for nostalgic people like myself.
Pat Hutchins
Rosie's Walk.
Looks Autumnal to me!
Anthony Browne
Voices in the Park
Covers seasons and alternative perspectives.
A mind bender.
...and he would gather her leaves...
Shel Silverstein
The Giving Tree
I have no words for this.  Just a dull aching in my heart.  I feel a similar feeling reading Voices in the Park, and The Little House.  There's a sad beauty hidden in those pages.

I'm loving Autumn story times.  Because I am the reader, I get to be in the middle of the kiddies so probably the warmest too!  Sometimes we have the blankets on and sometimes the fake fire...
it's all very lovely, but at one in the afternoon, it's not really fair, because unlike the kids, I don't get to have a naptime after!
Here are some other ways we have been celebrating trees and Autumn:
"Toasting" marshmallows on the fake fire.
Making it last a but longer.
Laminated Leaves on the windows.
Autumnal Sensory Box and Leaf Identification Chart and Books

Helping in the garden.
Hope you are all enjoying the season too!

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  1. Yeesh, Now I am have to go out and buy like five or six more books. I love the laminated leaves idea. I might just need to pull ours out and ask my husband how to use it. Love this post


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