Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Visit to Tye River Pottery

We've been waiting many years to visit Tye River Pottery, and this summer; we finally got our chance.

Luckily, we had willing family members to look after our two year old, so that we could relax with the older children and enjoy our visit.
Kevin Crowe kindly giving us a demonstration in his beautiful workshop.  


Patiently waiting for their turn to visit the Kiln.

Kevin was in the process of adapting the opening to the kiln at the time of our visit.
He talked us through the process, and I was blown away by the patience required to manage such a fine art.
You can read about his firing process here:
(Read this and you might understand why I feel humbled and ashamed when I contrast this with my own tendencies to create with enthusiasm but with little technique, mostly in order to gain an almost instant gratification.)

After the visit, the kids created their own "pottery" pieces with some air drying clay, so not quite using the same technique (at all), but inspired all the same.

Our earthy mugs are happy in their new home, and take us back to rural Virginia, even when we are sipping our coffee in a suburb of England.
For more information about Kevin Crowe's pottery, visit here:
I've just noticed that he has an Etsy shop too:-)

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