Sunday, 9 September 2012

Words to Live By

I lied.
There was a bit more of Fredericksburg.
Some words to live by...
I'm assuming this is aimed at the dog population of Fredericksburg,
but seeing as how the potty training process seems to be going on, and on and on with the 2 year old;  I could do with a few of these signs ALL over the house.  On the carpets, on the sofa, on his sister's bed, behind the hedge in the garden....
Apart from in the bathroom.
"Love doesn't supposed to Hurt."

And now for some random, uplifting, feel good words to live by from my old sticker book I was rummaging through on this visit to "home".
...and repeat: I'm OK.

Awww shucks.  I really am:-)

Well this is comforting?

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