Thursday, 27 September 2012

We're Not Worthy! (Part 2 of Infinity)

I like to people watch.
And I was desperately trying to get up the courage to take more pictures of people this past summer, but most of the time, I was a wimp.  So I pretended to be some kind of street photographer/tourist innocently snapping away and happening to catch some random people in my shot.
Pathetic.  I know.
But just look at these jaw-droppingly beautiful people!

Yeah, I wasn't as subtle as I thought I was.  Busted.

Gorilla Shoes.  This guy seemed "bored" of having his picture taken.  I guess maybe you get stopped a lot when you go out of the house wearing gorilla shoes. 
(In the background of this pic, you can see British Tourists Kid's Shoes, Socks and White Legs Combo.)

I spy with my little eye... 
A Clingon!

"And it was all yellow."
I know this is such a bad pic.  I was drive by shooting again.  
We watched these guys fishing individually on opposite sides of the pier.  When the guy on the left caught something, the other guy on the right came quickly over to assist.
(I told the kids to turn their heads because I didn't know what was going to go down next.  But the fish went back into the water, and I heard one of the guys say "That made my day.")
Looked like a good day.

In some other random people watching; we went to "The Exorcist Stairs".
When we got there, there were a few buff men running enthusiastically up and down the steep flight of concrete steps.  Then doing pull ups on the bar next to the stairs, or lunging against the wall.
On a hot day.

I took the liberty of adding Handy Hubby's thoughts.
They were mega friendly and very "bouncy".  But I couldn't help but wonder about their mothers.  What were these boys like when they were growing up if they had this much energy now? And how would they feel to know that their babies were running up and down these sinister CONCRETE steps?!?!

When the buff boys bounced off for another action packed urban exercise session elsewhere, I watched my own family ascend the steep stairs.  
The 2 year old was sleeping in the pushchair, so I had to stay at the bottom with him.
Oh well.
As they were descending and I was making sure they were holding on to the banisters, my eye followed the rail down and saw this.

And yes, I am still banging on about that trip that we took in the summer.   I mentioned the other day that I had gone into hibernation.  Well, just like the squirrels, I had a busy summer stockpiling images to keep me going through the dreary months ahead.

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