Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This is How We Roll

This is how we Road Trip around the USA, or Virginia at least.
We arrive at the airport sweaty, dressed inappropriately for the heat, and tired.
My aunt meets us with hugs, coffee, car seats, a HUGE stack of library books and magazines suited to each of our individual tastes, and a lifetime supply of American snacks.
Did I mention that we get spoiled?
 The rental car workers love our impromptu car park parties.  We class up the joint, sweating, pigging out on the car bonnets while trying to install the car seats.
So it takes us all of five minutes to totally trash the rental car.
I should be ashamed of this. 
But this is how we roll.
And if the Red Hot Chili Peppers can be "Fully Loaded with snacks and supplies," then so can we.
And I have got my "favourite allies" too!
My man is super tolerant, and indulges my irritating habit of doing some drive by shooting with the camera in sports mode, or making him pull over every few miles so I can snoop around some beautiful places.
This makes me happy.
Like this:
                                                     the most beautiful smile

It looks like my little man is taking after me.
In the lead up to a road trip, we compile Mix Cds.
This year, I felt compelled to make a "NA NA NA" mix.  Just for the sake of it.
But we interspersed these throughout 7cds and cut down on them when I realised how much a single nanana song actually cost.  
Too much to pay for songs where they couldn't be bothered to come up with any proper lyrics.
We did have a few though.
And even though there were seven whole cds, mostly we just listened to The Muppet soundtrack for three weeks.

See the Olympic Soundtrack there?  Fitting, seeing as we managed to do quite well stalking Olympians at Heathrow on the way out!

What would have been:
The Nanana Mix Cd
Mah na mah na- The Muppets
Batman Theme- Neil Hefti
Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye- Steam
What Makes you Beautiful- One Direction
She's Got the Look- Roxette
Blink 182/Jedward- All the Small Things
Na Na Na- My Chemical Romance
Gwen Stefani- Rich Girl
So What- Pink
Hey Jude- The Beatles

Next time on Randomnest: Drive By Snooping

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