Sunday, 9 September 2012


My sister took us to the biggest thrift shop I have EVER been to.  And we scored Big Time for the campervan.
The Campervan:
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Check it out:
Just to give you an idea of the scale of the place.

The 7 year old has seen this picture and wishes that she had been allowed to join us on this venture.

Wish we could have fit this in the suitcases.

She can totally pull this off.  

Should have got this one too.  I think it looks amazing with her legs AND the shoes.

I didn't linger in this section.  I was a teensy bit weirded out.

Regrets again. This would not fit.

Score 1 for the campervan!

Suns and Lovers towel for the camervan

Again on my wish list for the campervan.  I think the colours will go well.

Tea towel for the campervan.

I'm superhappy about these melamine plates.  They were going for quite a bit of money on ebay and these were less than one dollar each!

The stash in full.
Towel wise, these were exactly what I had in mind:
These are my aunt's towels that used to be my grandparents.
I like the idea of the towels in the basket.

This one is my favourite.

But this would also go nicely with the van.

We didn't find any of these kinds of towels when we were thrifting.
However, we did similar ones in Anthropologie.
My first time ever in that shop and of course it's fab.
But annoying.
We found these Gorgeous towels for a mere $38.

They were lovely.
But not for that price:-(
Especially not for campervanning!

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  1. that shop looks big enough to go camping in!!


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