Thursday, 27 September 2012

Little Gimmicks

I've been playing with Snapseed and it is now my Gimmick Du Jour.
Yesterday, we snuck out inbetween downpours.
It is that time of year when the Ivy in Woodstock and Blenheim is at it's best.

I love how you can exagerate and be a Drama Queen.
These have all been processed on Snapseed, adding DRAMA, some kind of VINTAGE TINT and TILT SHIFT.

The problem with taking pictures on a mobile device is that it is like shooting in the dark.  You can't see what you are doing, even on an overcast day.  So it's a bit hit and miss and a surprise when you look at them later.
Did you watch Gulliver's Travels?
Gulliver's Travels
That was filmed here.
And of course Blenheim Palace is historically significant...
But you can Wikipedia that.
The sun poked his head out, so we went back today to see if the swans and sheep would cooperate with me and be all miniature with the Tilt Shift effect.

They kept their distance.
Look!  Mini People? 
I don't know if I have got the mini-thing down yet, but like the Tilt Shift Effect anyway!  Maybe it feels a bit like looking through a Viewfinder?


  1. Very creative photos ~ delightful ~ 'new gimmick' sounds fun ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. I've never tried snapseed, but I love what you've done with these shots!

  3. Now that looks like fun. Great edits. B

  4. I love your shots. So whimsical. Now I want to try snapseed.

    1. Thanks Alissa. I think that you can get Snapseed for computers as well as iphones/ipads but I do think that I paid a bit for this app after reading such good reviews.

  5. I've heard of snapseed, but have never tried it. I just joined Instagram and I suck at it. Love the tilt shift effect. Very cool.

    1. I never got the hang of Instagram. When I first tried, I thought that it was going to let facebook see every picture that I took, so I freaked out and adopted Hipstamatic instead. Tempted to try instagram again though, as I like snooping through other people's shots.

  6. Interesting results♫ I liked what you've done...Happy Week-end♪


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