Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wanna do some 'patch?

This isn’t exactly a new idea, this decoupage thing, but in our family Decopatch has been all the rage for quite some time. Is it all the colourful paper? Is it being able to stick paper to things you’d never ordinarily be able to stock paper to? Is it the methodical nature of glue, rip, stick, glue, rip, stick, glue? Or is it the finished product? You know, I have no idea, but we all return to this activity time after time after time.

 Some things get finished quickly…

Some things get finished slowly…

 Some things get made for special occasions…

 Some things get planned for special surprises… These are thank-you-gifts-to-be for Grandma (cat lover) and Auntie (dog lover).

But the other day, two wonderful things happened in succession to reveal our next project. The first thing: I was at a friend’s house and sat down at their newly finished decoupaged kitchen table. My friend’s son had used Decopatch paper to cover the entire surface of the table. And it is beautiful. Truly. (Sorry I don’t have a picture!)

The second thing: When I told Seth about it when I got home, he immediately asked if he could do our table. (To which I replied “No, it wouldn’t really work in our house”.) So he continued to look around the house eyeing up every object to find his project.

  This is what we decided on 

 (currently in progress)
 Then realising we were going to need more paper, I found an amazing online shop to make some new purchases. (Definitely worth shopping around as prices do vary.)

What’s next? Well, we’ve had some inspiration from another friend who decoupaged the inside of their under stairs cupboard with maps. 

 Seth started eyeing our keyboard and his music stand when he saw this paper.

But I’ve got a bit of a surprise up my sleeve for him. For his 10th birthday, he’s getting to move into his own room (currently, he is sharing with his little brother). A friend told me the other day about her nephew who decoupaged the top of his desk with the contents of various skateboarding magazines. The wheels inside my head have been turning ever since. 



  1. I like decopatch too and the idea of covering the music stand in the paper next to it is brilliant! Hope you show a picture when its done.

  2. Neat stuff!

    How do you get the cats to hold still for that?


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