Saturday, 4 August 2012

Playground, Woods and an Immature Mummy

 I have always wanted to explore the old Quarry.  The playground within wasn't visible over the hill and someone with an attitude told me that this was "boring, let's go....".

                                  Then they reached the summit and saw what lay beyond...

"This is boring."  I smirked.  
"Let's go..."  

Then we went on the LONG hike in the forest.

And we did some learning. 
The 2 year old got the hang of looking for the yellow circles and knew which way the arrows wanted us to go, most of the time.

Ok, so here is where the Immature Mummy part took over.
I can't tell what kind of paw print this is.
Can you?
Could be a baby bear, wolf, fox?
Or most likely the type of animal that left us a souvenir on my boy's shoe.

Come on!  It's an adventure!

Still learning... "We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one!"
(He is going OVER the log)
Finding (manky) Feathers

Immature Mummy at large:
By this point someone was complaining that they were tired and their legs hurt.
But we couldn't stop for a rest because:
1: It was going to rain, and possibly pour
2: Still in adventure mode- it was getting dark (not really) and I didn't want to have to start making a shelter for the night because Daddy might worry about us.
3. Immature Mummy needed to wee and was not about to "pop a squat" in the local park like the kiddies.
So imagine the relief on the kid's faces when we heard the sound of a very close helicopter overhead. They didn't realize that I was still playing adventure and started jumping up and down, waving and calling "We're HERE! We're HERE!"
Poor kids.
For a split second there, they thought they really were about to be rescued from the 1.6 mile hike and their weird mother.

But we all made it.
On our own feet.
And it was great.
Apart from "le souvenir du chien".

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