Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dream Weaver

I thought that I had discovered the next crafting craze.  
I had tried making one of those t-shirt hula hoop rugs, but with only one tshirt and lots of rags and it was ugly and fell apart.  
But the first part of making the rug with the t-shirt was so much easy fun.  I was just never going to collect enough old shirts to make one properly.

So I thought that I could satisfy my urges with a mini hula hoop rug using loops like these:
and a mini embroidery hoop.
It was fun.
Perfect for a long car journey.
It kept my hands busy and happy.
But I realised that I was basically making a dream catcher.

The thingy at the top was great for holding your weaving in place during breaks.

Getting some assistance making the addictive chain.

The mini rug off the hoop and it's more like a bowl unless I press it really hard.


Here trolls.  Have a mini hula hoop rug.

So I guess that I haven't got the hang of "casting off" on these rugs because they unravelled easily.  With the help of a two year old.
Look, he's happily Yarn bombing.

The broken rug is good for tying each other up too.

So we decided to make a dream catcher after all and used the chains.  
This was good.
And we wrapped pipe cleaners around the edge.

I would love to know if anyone has actually had success with the hula hoop rug.
It's still niggling at me.
But I can totally recommend making a dreamcatcher like this on road trips.  Very addictive.
Just not sure how many of these things we need.


  1. That looks bloody marvellous fun! I am inspired to do something similar with Izzy now .... actually I can't back that up. I haven't got an artistic bone in my body!!


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