Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cracking the Whip

The kids have been on their second week of summer holidays.  We haven't been as busy socially this past week, so we have been able to hang out together and catch up with things around the house.
I explained to the kids that I would need their help with jobs and I was gobsmacked with their enthusiasm.
I knew this wouldn't last long, so I took full advantage.
Not only did I tell them what sort of jobs they could do, but I also gave them a series of challenges.  I thought these would keep them busy all week, but they did them within two days!

Making OJ

Enjoying his breakfast and juice that he had prepared.

Morning hair and fresh orange juice:-)
Brothers doing the washing up together
Cleaning the fridge, 

Cleaning the bathroom
Challenge 1: Read a Book and write a Book Report

They did this ALL by themselves.

I love it.  
Although next time, I might give the 6 year old a format to help guide him as he did become frustrated wondering what to write next.
Challenge 2: Learn 5 new words in French
Challenge completed!
Challenge 3: Put on a puppet show for your little brother.
Having the two older siblings work together, alone on a big task like this was certainly a challenge.
There were power struggles, and bickering a plenty!
But they pulled together and we had a great performance of The Three Little Pigs.

My daughter wrote the script ALL by herself.  

The beautiful puppets.

Little Brother clutching ticket and cookie and engrossed in the play.
He thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I am one proud mama!

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