Thursday, 2 August 2012

Car Wash

We class going to the car wash as a "special treat" in our family.
Probably because we don't wash the car often, and when we do, it's usually on our front drive; all hands on deck.
So when the occasion arises, I make sure that we fill up the seats to get the most "bang for our buck". It can take a long time for the right moment to arise.  Waiting for kids to be off school, making sure that we go before child-minded kid's nap times... ecetera.
It is an event.
This time I happened to have the camera close at hand so I grabbed it when I was watching the little man's reactions. 
That teetering moment when you can't tell if they are about to freak out or not...

It was a hit.
Although my daughter noticed that I hadn't gone whole hog because we didn't have the full on soapy colour display that we have had in the past.

Turn away now if you don't want TMI:

This will be forever known as the time we put the shoe through the car wash.
We had just been on a hike where one of us stepped in dog doo.
We though that we had got most of it off via grass scraping.
But no.  
It lingered; we discovered, while hoovering the car after the wash.
Baby wipes were not quite working in between all the patterns.
So I had a lightbulb moment, and thought that I would ask the car wash guy as nicely as I could to attack the offending shoe with his pressure washer hose.
Sweet Man that he was, he did not hesitate to take the foul shoe.  
He didn't even hold it at arms length as I had done.
So he started to pressure wash the thing, but was too scared that it would "rip it to shreds".
So before I could protest, he went to attack the poop himself with paper towels.
Awww...How nice is that?!
(But now I'm worried about the whole pay-it-forward thing.)
When I got back to the car, the kids were really excited thinking that the shoe had been through the car wash!
I told them the truth, to impress them with the kindness of strangers, but the 2 year old likes his version of the story better.
The shoe went through the car wash.
(To be honest, it's still not perfect and we may well have to strap the thing to the roof of the car and go through again.  Those big brushes would sort it out I'm sure)

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