Monday, 2 July 2012

X is for X-Ray

What was that I was saying about active boys make for nervous Mum?

My poor little man fell off of a chair:-(  
We spent quite a few hours up at the hospital, wondering if I was just being paranoid, because this is how he was for the most part:

What a trooper!  
He was such a good boy and actually co-operated with all the doctors and behaved in the waiting room singing songs for all the other patients to hear.
This has not hindered him AT ALL and he has been climbing the walls today.   I am fretting more than ever ; running around after him, begging him to walk, not run, get down, slow down, be careful....
Savoring a rare moment of calm... 

We've also been celebrating birthdays and had a house full of kids for a two-night sleepover this weekend.
So we are a little bit tired....

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