Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Shower Tester

This morning at the toddler drop in session, we were treated to some Henna Tattoos.
It was a first for me and I love it.  Lucky for my hubby, who does not; I did not have time to go for the full body works!
He wasn't even bothered when I told him how I had asked the artiste to hide his intitial in there for him to find.  I had heard that this is what the bride does for the groom to find somewhere on her body.
Handy Hubby did not take the bait.  
He pointed at his intitial immediately and then asked how long it would be until it comes off.
I like it a lot.  And I'm pretty sure that they take a while to come off.  And I noticed that a couple of hours in, I was being precious with the handwashing to preserve it longer.
Reminding me of my kids, when they get their faces painted.
If I am coerced into letting the kids go to sleep with their face/arm paint on after a little night out, I certainly cannot let them go out with it on the next day- or everyone will know that you haven't made them wash!

So then I realised that if my tattoo lasted the longest out of all the other mum's who had theirs done, it would make me look pretty grubby...

Which reminded me of high school...
(Hope I don't get in trouble for this!)

We discovered that a dear friend sometimes just forgot to shower.  
Probably because she was too busy being awesome.
So someone came up with the idea of The Shower Tester.
The honoured person would get to draw on the arm of the young lady, with biro pen.
Some great drawings went on those arms.
Then, the shower tester would give her an extra reminder to wash it off, so that she could get a new one the next day.

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