Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Over the weekend, we were invited to attend the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebrations of my husband's aunt and uncle.  
I was touched by this display of love set out for the guests to see.
Engagement cards and wedding cards were set out next to the couple's Valentine's and Christmas cards to each other.

Photographs from the years gone by were spread along the tables, as well as memorabilia from the couple's wedding.
The dress pattern for the wedding dress!

The wedding dress and a bridesmaid's dress on display in pristine condition!

The bride thanked her groom in her speech for accompanying her on many visits to car boot sales over the years to supply her collection of dolls houses and other bits and bobs.  She also thanked him for putting up with their three troublesome dogs, and praised him for walking them in many a down pour.


  1. Lovely cards, and what a great idea to get out all the memorabilia, it must have been fascinating to see!


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