Thursday, 12 July 2012

Propagate Yourself

I'm no gardening expert, so I got really excited when I discovered how many plants you could get from just 1 succulent plant, and how many friends I have given off cuts to in just this one season.
We also collect our marigold and poppy seeds ready for next year.

Now here's where I'm going to get all intense on y'all.
You can do this propagating milarky with your bodies.
And it can be EASY.

So far, I've made sure that I am on the Organ Donor Register 
You are not going to need it when you're gone- are you?

When I was Breastfeeding my first babe, my boobs got confused and thought that I would be needing to feed the whole village.
They exploded. 
The health visitor asked me if I would consider donating my milk, which I then did with every baby.
This was pretty easy for me as they provided the bottles and even came round to collect from the house!
And useful to someone else.
You can learn more about this here:

Another way to "propagate yourself" and possibly the most popular is Blood Donation.
I'm not so good at this, but I'm determined to get better.
I'm such a wuss.
(Literally as I typed this, the leaflet for the next donation session came through my door!  It's a sign!)

There are many ways that you can do this, and many reasons why you SHOULD do this.

My recent little kick up the backside to do this was when a friend was recently diagnosed with secondary leukemia.
He needs a bone marrow transplant.
He NEEDS it.
So, we went online, and filled in the necessary forms and are awaiting the saliva kits that they will send.
Now, I have admitted before that I have a FORM PHOBIA.
Forms terrify me.
But Trust me; this one was easy and took me less than 10 min to complete.
If one day it turns out that I'm a match for someone, that will be great.
In the meantime, we've all got our fingers crossed that someone will be a match for our friend.
Wherever they might be.
If you think that you might like to be a part of this: here are some links:

The first link if you are in the UK and under 40
The second link if you are over 40
The third link if you are living outside of the UK

Just imagine if you could be a match for someone.  That would be like the ULTIMATE PACKAGE PALS exchange!

think about it please:-)


  1. The ultimate package pal! You are amazing! You need to propagate yourself (oh, maybe you have already with 3 lovely babes).

    1. Ah Yes. I have forgotten to mention the birds and bees method of propagation:-) I'll have to save that for another blog post...


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