Sunday, 8 July 2012

Package Pals: What I Received

Oh I was so excited to receive this lovely package from my package pal set up by Jamie at C.R.A.F.T.
My package pal got it SPOT ON!  
I should really have taken a picture of it all wrapped up as nicely as it was, but I was too greedy and opened it quickly.
Handy Hubby was rather excited too, it must be said.
What I Received:
Handy box with cork lettering detail
Randomnest Sign, made from cork material and with a MAP backing!
VW Campervan Earrings
Two Pieces of Fabric
Washi Tape/Ribbon
Downy Duckling Book
Embroidery Hoop Frame with "Randomnest" embroidered on pretty paper and backed with a map!
Cross Stitched Heart in Frame
Lush Knitted Shrug
And she popped in her nifty contact card!  Cute!

Lovely little vintage children's book.
I LOVE children's books, especially old ones!
We'll be reading this at bed time tonight!

I'm Official. I have a business sign now!  So chuffed I am!

Handy Hubby is very pleased with these!  As am I!

My daughter and I LOVE this heart.  
It looks so simple yet effective.
Did I mention that I have a bit of an addiction to pretty fabrics?

Detail of beautiful knitted shrug.  
Soooooo soft- the kiddies were stroking it!

I can't say that I like having my picture taken... but needs must to show off the shrug properly.  
I'll just hide my face in my hair.
Where do people learn how to pose for pictures so that they turn out nice? 
I must have missed that lesson.
It really is beautifully knitted and a dream to wear. I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship.
I don't think that I'll ever get the hang of knitting!

Girl with a Campervan Earring.
Ok. Maybe not a girl anymore... but still a very cool earring!

The embroidered pieces have already made it to our gallery!

As has the Randomnest Sign:-)

I really love everything and it was really nice to receive such a lovely package!  It certainly made up for the anxiety of sending one!
Thank you to my lovely package pal and to Jamie for organising this!

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