Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Little Wander Round Minster Lovell

 We grabbed the opportunity for a little road trip and stopped into Minster Lovell for a wander.

graffiti of yester-years

I would love this wall in my house somehow...


The boy liked bumbity-bumping over this path in the pushchair.

I like to guess about what this was.  Ye olde telephone booth?  Ye olde watercloset?  Ye olde watchman's post?  Don't anyone look it up on the maps provided at the site please, it might ruin my imaginings!

Beautiful Cemetary

Not very far off, I spotted another ruin in Minster Lovell.  I had to pull over to have a snoop.

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  1. lots of history in all those layers & textures.....wonder what stories they could tell?


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