Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Graffiti Knitting and Other Joys

Yesterday, we walked over a bridge that we would normally drive over.
 We spent some time waving at the lorry drivers.  It was exhilarating for the two year old and myself.
And we found this beautiful specimen of yarn bombing:

I love it.  
I am so proud to live near such a great, random display of marine life in yarn.
I'm just slightly ashamed that I never noticed it before.  I wonder how long it's been there, and how long it will last.

We also enjoyed checking out the beautiful weeds along the roadside,
and appreciated how someone has gone to the top of the super tall derelict building and painted over the really, REALLY big "F Word" that has been there for many years.
Now, I don't have to distract the kids in passing so much anymore.

We finished off this lovely walk with some Olympic Torch Spotting.

The Police were the stars of the show.
The best part about the Olympic Torch Relay was seeing EVERYONE out.
It took us a long time to meet up with our group because we kept stopping and chatting every few steps.
I feel lucky to live in a village where you see someone you know everywhere you go; to share a wave, a smile and a chat with.

It feels like this:

How's that for soppy mooshy gooshy?

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  1. I need to learn how to graffiti knit...that looks amazing! I wonder if it's illegal!?


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