Friday, 13 July 2012

Cheesy Photo Boothing

This evening, I had the pleasure of photographing the Schools Year 6 Leavers Prom.  
As usual, I went a little O.T.T with the props for the photo booth.
Most of these came from here:
But there are a few others and some general clip art ones.
Oh Happy Day recommended spray glue.  
All those years wasted with pritt sticks and pva.
I printed these using normal printing paper (should have used card)
Then spray glued them onto old cereal boxes- this worked a treat.
No wrinkles, no gaps, smooth.
Until I decided that they would be too flimsy and needed more protection.   I covered them with a layer of Matt Mod Podge, but even the matt reflects flash.
So don't do this.

Having Photographed the kids already for their yearbook, I knew that there were some real characters in the class and that they would have a field day with the props.

So I let my kids give them a test run first.

This was wise.  
A few of the props did not survive the attention of the hyped up eleven-year olds!
I blame the non-alcoholic punch and the hormones.

And I cannot show you photos from tonight, they are not my kids to share.

But these goofballs are:-)

I love my new cheesy props.  I'm sure they will be used quite a lot.

Backdrop= Hand-me-down red velvet curtains with tabs that slip onto pole that rests on tripods.  Simples and Perfect!

Oh I can see a few adult sessions coming soon.
And we need some of those blackboards to write rude things on and hold above each other's heads.
Want to come and play?

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  1. Yes, I do! I do want to come and play!


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