Friday, 1 June 2012

Yet Another Pallet Table

If you can stand seeing yet another pallet table... here's mine!
I know I said that we didn't really have a space for one, but I had to find one.  Needed to try this.  I think it fits fine after a lot of shuffling.  Handy Hubby thinks it is way to big.  He was also concerned that it was too wonky with the planks on the top, but I like it wonky.  Otherwise, we could have just got something ready made. 

 However, I do think that is looks like we have been playing with our building blocks at the bottom and that might be just a bit too wonky for me.  I'm also not very happy with my paint job, colour wise and quality wise.  Not to mention my sanding job.  I didn't want it sanded so much that the wood lost the character.  It's meant to look rough.  But you don't want to go near the edges with nylons or bare skin.  It's not dangerous rough, just snaggy.  
But for all it's imperfections, I'm pretty chuffed with it.  Each plank is wide enough to fit a wine glass/coffee mug, so there is no danger of the glass being unbalanced. The two year old even exclaimed "Wow, Nice Table Mummy!"  When he first saw it.  

I thought that this could be an indoor/outdoor table.  I painted it with an versatile paint, so it could be either.  I like to rearrange things a lot, so I though this would work out great, until we took it in and I tried to pick at what I thought was a glob of paint and it turned out to be bird poo.  

Hurrah.  Somewhere to place the coffee!

I think it's a good size.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to do this.

Alas, the child thinks this is his train table now, so I haven't had a chance to pile random bits on there yet.  I'm hoping it will make a decent board games table, although I think that Bananagrams is out.  The boards are toooooo wonky!

Positively Splendid
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  1. wow...good job all round...I too like it it character...and amazing size and height...I'm sure you'll get many hours of fun and use with it...

  2. Wow this looks great,what a great creative idea :)

  3. What a great idea! I'm sure my son wouldn't mind having that train set either...



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