Wednesday, 20 June 2012

oops, I did it again!

On the same day that I announced that I would not be collecting any more doll's houses, I saw this peeking out at me from a skip:
What could I do?
I just wanted to have a snoop round, but I could hardly do that on someone else's drive.  So I asked the girls who were hanging around if I could have it.  (so I could snoop round in the privacy of my own home.) 
They said "yes."
So what was I to do?
I was on foot with the pushchair, so I said that I would collect it on my way back.
And when I did, those lovely girls had found another pile of stuff that a nutter like me might like to have.  An army truck, a Sindy car, a skipping rope, some random animals, a baby doll bath...
so sweet and considerate,
but I am also slightly concerned about my hoarding skills.  Not to mention the hoarding that my kiddies do already.
But it would have been rude to decline the extras...
So after lots of thank yous, we managed to make it home with the big house balanced on the hood of the pushchair and other bits ontop of the child in the pushchair.
I am sure that I looked incredibly graceful on that walk home.

And them I got to have a good snoop round!

I tried to convince myself that I could take a few pictures, let the kids play and maybe pass it on somewhere else after I had a good snoop.

But now the six year old has already taken the carpet out, cleaned it up and starting on his renovation project, and I have a wee little crush on it already.  
I can't wait to stick some lights in this one for some atmospheric light in the garden!

My name is Katie, and I am a junk-o-holic.

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