Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Kids Are All Right

The best "kidbits" of our week so far...
Driving on the driveway with random hairbrush

Chalky Bottom

Jumping for Joy because I told him that it was Pizza Night!
Which reminds me of this:
Play it, Love it, and thank my super cool friend for introducing me to the Stinky Puffs when we were teens.  How I have not remembered them until now is beyond me.  
But nevermind.  
When the six year old boy gets home from school, we are going to party down with the Stinky Puffs.  I know that he is going to love it.
Shame I cannot find any videos for the Stinky Puffs...

Making friends with mister snail 

painting a picture of mister snail

le gallery dans la jardin

The boy is in a Dr Doolittle phase and making friends with a rabbit.  This week he has also touched a bearded dragon and carried a woodlouse around with him.

My six year old monkey climbing the washing line pole , he is also practicing the  sport of door climbing...

My girl has finally got the hang of the skipping rope!

and handstands...

Band Practice

Reading BANANA- one of our Favs!

Hope your week is being a Happy One too!


  1. haha. love that chalky bottom! ;) and the bunnies. so cute.

  2. I can't believe how high up that pole he is, it makes me dizzy looking at the picture! Lovely photos!

    1. thank you jennifer! i know- active boys make for nervous mums!

  3. Katie, I have been looking through your recent posts just loving all the moments you've savored with your kids. I had little flashbacks of forgotten scenes with my own. You think I'd never forget a minute, but the young stage starts to feel far away after they grow up. It was so sweet to relive those early memories through your children's beautiful, sweet faces and smiles.

    1. Awww! It seems to go so quickly that it makes my heart ache sometimes!


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