Friday, 8 June 2012

The Inner Weirdo is Embraced (Part 2/Ongoing)

So the Birthday Celebrations Continue... as does the weirdness.
My friend gave me this card:
Which I feel is so Right On and Words to Live By and justification for being weird.

Weirdly, someone sent me a Huge, Sharp, Serious Looking Chef's Knife, Anonymously.
I went through several emotions/thoughts, mostly involving secret weirdo stalkers, and worries about my mental well-being (did I actually order this myself and forget?)  Did I mention that I can't be bothered to sharpen knives to someone who is kindly sending a freshly sharpened one?
I was near to posting a picture of said item on my Facebook, asking for the gift giver to come forward.  Before doing so, I texted my mother, just in case she ordered something for herself to be delivered to my house.  It happens.
Turns out, she had sent me the EXTRA LARGE CHEF'S KNIFE.  
For my birthday.  Because " The best gifts to give are those you would like to for yourself."
However, I don't think that chopping up my frozen chicken nuggets will do the chef's knife as much justice as her amazing culinary masterpieces would.  

I have come up with a few more additions to my Birthday Bucket List of Weird Stuff.
3. Gather bright coloured, matching track suits for me and my friends.  Rent ZEGWAYS.  Enjoy.
4. Bring prank phone calling to the next level on Skype with a certain, old partner in crime.  
5. Wear my bright yellow, seventies house coat round the house for random perk-me-up moments.  Put some curlers in my hair and pretend to smoke with a long cigarette holder while watching soap operas.  This can translate to: Play Dress Up with the Kids.
6. Use my Briefcase.

The Briefcase
Before we went to the car boot sale a couple of weeks ago, I announced my "LIST" ahead of time, so that I wouldn't be allowed to deviate too much.  On the List, was a big case, with flipping-open catches.  Big enough to hold my Nerf gun and ammo in a bed of foam.  

I found a briefcase with flipping-open catches.  For £1.  It is too small for my Nerf Gun,  
but it is still great.
And it has been taken over.

Fighting over the briefcase.

The 2 year old wins.

Someone else appreciates that Flipping-open mechanism as much as I do.

Once I can sneak the briefcase away from the 2-year old, I plan to fill it with our play money and make random "drops" or exchanges while mumbling into the "microphone" in my collar.

 Life is exciting when the inner weirdo is released.  But it's not so much fun unless you get other weirdos involved too.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for raising me weird, my friends for accepting me weird and being weird too, and the Internet for showing me that "weird" is "normal".
Life is Good.

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  1. YES! I am all about the inner weirdo! I support your quest. Somewhere I have pictures of us as 19 year old weirdos pulling each other around Corvallis in my radio flyer wagon. We are wearing overalls (of course).


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