Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How We Jubileed

We are coming to the end of this fantastic Diamond Jubilee weekend, and we are Exhausted.  I admire the Queen's stamina, she is still going, and most of us are still in our pyjamas at 3pm this Tuesday afternoon!  
On Friday, the school held a Jubilee celebration.  It was AMAZING fun, great atmosphere, and we were very lucky with the weather.  Not too hot/not too cool and only a few drops of rain.  Many happy children.

Having been ignoring the build up, I did my usual and decided that it would be a shame not to mark the occasion with a celebration with our neighbours... so last minute invites got made and delivered Friday night for a Sunday Garden Party at ours.  

On Saturday afternoon, I made a quick dash to Marks and Sparks for some proper, British party food.  I was fell for these cute tins of biscuits and thought that we could eat them, and then the kids could have them as memorabilia from the day.    

On Saturday night, bunting and decorations got made with some body painting on the side.

Our Union Jack
Even the dog participated.
Watching the procession of boats and adding our own, final preps.  Having chosen the wettest possible day, a garden party was out of the question, so the house was cleaned and tidied in a frenzy and a few decorations were put up inside.
I made a Victoria Sponge cake that did NOT look like this:

Kids were sent out to decorate the drive in a break between downpours.  I did not venture out the front door, not even to take the picture from a better angle.

Decorations done, food prepped, neighbours crammed all cosy into the front room.  
And my wonky looking cake got devoured despite it's appearance.
Most of our neighbours who couldn't come at such short notice had very kindly brought round gifts of cakes and chocolates.

The new pallet table fit the feast quite well!

The girls took the Queen off for a pampering and dress up session.

The two year old needs to learn better manners.

The Royal Wave

                   Hope that you all enjoyed the lovely long weekend, however you spent it!

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