Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to squeeze some reading in...

I've jumped on the bandwagon and I am reading THAT BOOK.  Really, is there any woman out there who hasn't?  It's being passed round all the Mummy's at school like wildfire.
Must be good right?  If the whole lady population is reading it?!
I haven't gotten very far yet, but my friend got ahead of me yesterday and asked me "had I gotten to __________ part yet?"
Talk about spoiler alert!
So, not one to be left behind I decided to sneak a read in the afternoon.  Because when I try to read in bed at night, this is what happens:
He takes after me...
So I gave the boys a cardboard box, allowed the six year old to use my Sharpies appropriately, and I snuck off to a corner with a cuppa to catch up to my friend in the book.
And here is what they created:
Yes, this is a mega awesome SPACE BOAT.  And no the permanent marker has not yet come off in the bath.  

The control panel WITH air-conditioning AND

Working Lights!
This Space Boat also features windows, imaginary seat belts and a food storage compartment.  
It's ok for the boys, but my backside is too wide for full on sitting down, so I have to crouch down.  That would be my only complaint.

The Aftermath.
Not too bad considering:-)

So all in all, I think we all got some "mind-enhancing" stuff done.  
To my Mother and other innocents who believe me to be as well; I would like to point out that I am reading this book PURELY to be culturally aware.  
And I do NOT necessarily recommend it, although it is quite funny.

 It does annoy my Hubby with all the eye-rolling, guffawing and "for goodness sake-ing" that goes on when I read it. 
I think that he is worried that I will find fault in our own relationship.  
For example, I discovered that when our fingers touch, there is no "electrical current" that passes through us- as it does to the characters in the book.
That can't be right.
I tried giving him a penetrating gaze, and he told me that I was being weird.
Maybe I should try "biting my lip"  and he should start playing sad songs on the piano...
I know that he secretly wants to read it too, but would be too embarrassed because of it's stigma.
Oh yeah, and apparently there is a double standard going on, because I wouldn't "allow" him to read that kind of book.  Which is kind of true.

Ok, seriously- it's an easy read, and addictive because I want to know what everyone else is talking about.  But I can't see why it's that big of a deal.  
For me I think it will be the same as Twilight, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games; happy to read the first in the series to be "in-the-know", but giving up when it comes to the sequels.  
There is my little book review so far!  
Probably to be continued...


  1. Too funny... that made me laugh. I have not yet read "the book" but like you I am a little curious to read it just to be in the know and see what everyone else is talking about. I tend to laugh at the "electrical current" and "penetrating gaze" lingo too. Debate is still out if I'll download it to my kindle or not...

    1. It's a great one for laughing at the "lingo"- there are a lot of new ones in there. But it is pretty graphic. Best thing about reading it on a kindle is that it's discreet! Must remember to delete it when I've finished and not leave it lying around for young readers to find!!!

  2. check out how the blogess star wars this:

    1. I will pass this on to the Handy Hubby. I am sure that he will enjoy this. I am thinking that I might be able to make some serious cash by writing my own "Lady Bleep Book." I've got a rough outline in my head, which began as my predictions what will happen in the next two in the series of THAT BOOK. If I turn out to be wrong, I might have to go for it and make my own...


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