Monday, 18 June 2012


It hasn't been the best of days today.
Let's focus on the positive.

Here is a random list of things that have made me chuckle over the past week:

1. Collecting my 6 year old boy from a friend's house where the playdate was apparently "Clothing Optional".  The younger brother was the definition of happy, bouncing on his trampoline. In his birthday suit.

2. Hearing the older sister and her friend giggle while making a package for her brother- trying to trick him into believing that Pixie Lott delivered it for him.

3. Arriving at the shops and discovering that the 6 year old boy had his sister's jeans on.  They were in his drawers, and as usual, he wasn't paying much attention.  He was brave enough to walk through all the shops wearing them- even though his sister was in hysterics!

4. Having a "Poo Poo Party" get out of control.  The 2 year old had been in poo poo labour for three days.  He prefers to hide and do his business in his pants, but I was determined to get it in the potty.  It was a battle of wills.  Having spent enough time in confined in the bathroom- we moved the potty to where ever we were.  We were reading books in the living room when it finally happened.  Alas, I was unprepared, having had so many false alarms and had to run off for wipes ect.  He was under strict instructions NOT TO MOVE- hubby was called to join in the celebrations.  Potty was tipped all over the carpet in all the excitement.  Spent the evening spraying and carpet shampooing vigorously.

 This morning, another 2 year old had an accident on the nice, clean carpet.

Ok.  This isn't really funny, but there is no use crying over spilled milk, or wee, or whatever right?
I'm just laughing at the fact that we thought that we thought that we could get away with it and be posh and clean people that can handle carpet in our living room.
We are not carpet people.

5. Visiting the Wildlife Park and having my know-it-all daughter tell us that we were looking at Pirate Dogs.  She misread the sign saying "Prairie Dogs."
When looking at the Reindeer, Handy Hubby asked her if any of them had red noses.  She ran to go and check the sign!

6. When I told the 2 year old that it was "Father's Day", he insisted that we were going on a boat.  It took me a while to work out why.  At Christmas, we went on a Santa Cruise to see FATHER Christmas!  We don't call Daddy "Father" very much!  So we turned it into "Daddy's Day".

ALAS- I am more of a picture person than a wordy person and I have no pictures to back up my giggle collection of the week.  This is making me feel slightly more dissapointed in this pretty stupid Monday so I will now put some random pictures below to get my picture fix.

Looking after a friend's rabbit.  You can see what she is saying: "Please can we have a rabbit?  Pleeeease?"  And I'm saying "No.  We have a dog.  And the last thing I need right now is for something else to make loads of  wee and poo for me to clean up."

"Ahhh.... but she is loverly...."  Quite therapeutic to stroke.  Feel a bit like  Dr.Evil and his cat Mr.Bigglesworth here.

The Birthday Celebrations keep coming with these playdough  cakes from the kids.  

Complementary beer mats from the pub.  I must be having a mid-life crisis because I haven't collected beer mats since I was in my teens.

This owl scared me silly.  He was so close- and didn't look real, until his eyes opened.    By the way- we are in the Wildlife Park now.   He was scary.  But not as scary as the mega python, Barney, whose circumfrance was even bigger than that of my thighs.

The train was even more exciting than the animals for this little man. 

Best Bit was being so close to the giraffes.  They were so peaceful.  

Trying to feed thee Giraffes his smelly feeties.
The Big, Bad, Wolves.  I would be in deep doo doo if I ever saw one of these in "real life".  They look so much like normal dogs that I would probably call one over to see if I could find it's identity tag.

Voila.  Random Bits. Satisfied. 

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