Thursday, 7 June 2012

Embracing the Inner Weirdo

It was my birthday, and after much brainstorming, I finally decided how I would like to spend the day.    I realised that I enjoy doing something different on my birthday.  The idea of going to the local animal park sounded nice, but slightly too tame.  
So we were going to combine this with a visit to a famous, "weird" sight in Oxford that I have never taken the time to stop at before.  I also decided that since fish freak me out, we would stop in at the fish farm to feed big, crazy, hungry fish.  Go figure.  
I was excited about taking the chance to embrace my (not so) inner weirdo, with a visit to a "weird" place, and a slightly scary place.  
Alas, the best made plans and all.  The little one was sick.  Again.  And Again the morning of.  So we chilled and cleaned, and he opened the card he had made for me.  Awwww.

How great is this card from my Handy Hubby?!  Turns out that he is even handy with a sharpie marker!  

You know that saying; "Mother knows best." ?  Well my mother obviously knew best when ordering my presents!
Full of WEIRD stuff.  
Must keep away from the kiddies though...

The little one perked up in the afternoon, so we packed the kids, bucket and towels into the car for a drive to visit at least one Weird place.  
Hahahah!  This road sign stands near a very busy roundabout.  A lot of money and effort has recently gone into "simplifying" this roundabout to make it safer, with less accidents.  
Perhaps they should have also considered moving this sign, or renaming the street.  
This is the first time that I ever got out next to the sign, but have spent many-a-time chuckling on my way past.
It's distracting for those of us who are less fortunate in the maturity department.

Yes.  That is a shark in the roof.  
And although my man was pretending to be scared, he actually was:-)

The little one was traumatised.  Not from fear of the shark as it turns out.  He was screaming and crying to be let out of the car to see the shark.  So I got him out.  Where he then proceeding to cry and scream in a devastated fashion.  Crumbs.  I messed up.  It's beyond funny for him, I thought.  So I made a move to take him back to the car, and he was upset about that too.
After much translation and coaxing, he told us that he was upset because the shark was STUCK and he wanted to get it OUT.
Poor shark.  Poor kid.  
So we re-enacted the situation at home...
with a happier ending for the shark and boy.  
He carried the shark round for the rest of the day, putting him in and out of the house.  He cuddled him in bed at night.

We played games... and I discovered that my hubby is a closet Eastenders fan. During a game of charades, the middle boy was gesturing madly at Daddy, insisting that this was one that he would know.  Apparently, he saw him watching it one time.  He's been caught:-)

I thought that it would be romantic to play "vintage" Scrabble after the kids had gone to bed.  It's a pretty board, and it even smells like lovely vintage.  But you have to ADD up your own SCORES.  On PAPER.  ( I had to hide my sheet of working out so that handy hubby couldn't see that I have to do working out- unlike himself) And there is no automatic computer thingy-do telling you if a word is acceptable or not.   

All in all was a simple, sweet birthday.  And I am now pleased that instead of beating round the bush, I know next time- to embrace my inner weirdo on my birthdays.  Makes for much more fun.
So much so that I am going to compile a Birthday Bucket List of weird stuff that I must do/visit.
Suggestions Welcome!
Here's what I have so far:
1. The Gnome Reserve in Devon

hmmmmm.  Not much.  Might have to do some research.
Weird England: Your Travel Guide to England's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

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