Thursday, 24 May 2012

When Life Gives You Weeds...

I like Jo Frost. Who doesn't? When I saw this, I thought it was a brilliant way to visualize how delegation is important in any household. Personally, I admit to having some issues with control.  When I am on a cleaning rampage, or tackling my to-do list, I just want to get on with it, and everybody needs to STAY OUT OF MY WAY.   Handy Hubby is a modern man and helps in every way. But often, when he asks what he can do to help, I brush him off and get annoyed if he can't see for himself what needs doing.   I also want to do it so that I know it will be done how I like it, and quickly.
Having reflected on how this relates to myself, I realize that I follow a pattern.   We have FUN.  We make a MASSIVE MESS.  The mess stays for about a week.  Projects clutter the kitchen, garden and garage, the clean washing makes a mountain waiting to be sorted.  But the basics get done.

Every week, I have a FREAK OUT and go on a RAMPAGE of cleaning, tidying, sorting.  And a bit of moaning thrown in and INSISTING (in a rather stroppy manner) that everyone GET INVOLVED and TIDY UP AFTER THEMSELVES.
So if I'm the lady with the eggs, and all the jobs; rather than regretfully and timidly dropping them on the floor; I tend to HURL them left, right and centre.  HARD and FAST.  And looking slightly crazy.

Note to Self:
1) Say YES when offers of help are given.
2) Be more diligent about delegating jobs.  Make one of those job charts that Supernanny is always making.  This will help me so that everyone can refer to it without me having to nag verbally.
3) Don't hold eggs that don't need holding.  I have a tendency to get hooked on an idea that certain things need doing, when really, they don't or they can wait.  Don't make extra work for yourself.

Here is an example of my Craziness and how I am trying to work on allowing the eggs to drop:

When we moved to this house about one year ago, I worked hard to de-weed the lawn and get the grass healthy again.  And now, I feel like I need to get every, single weed out so that they don't take over again.
CooCoo! CooCooo!  CooCoo!
Fighting the war on weeds=crazy lady.
But, I couldn't just let things is my thought process trying to rationalise why I can't just leave it.  If I leave the weeds to grow, they take over the lawn, then when they die off, there is less grass/bare patches, which then get muddy and boggy.  Grass is stronger to deal with kids and dog.  Right?

Anyhoo... there I was regretfully tackling the daises and dandelions (they are sooooo pretty).   The 2 year old man by my side "helps" happily and pulls out grass and digs random holes here and there.

The girly comes out to see what I am doing and does the whole slow-motion movie run action "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....!  Don't take them ALLLL!"
The older young man asks if he can please can he give the weed tool a go?

So.... delegate, delegate, delegate...
Boy gets busy Weeding
Girl gets busy making daisy chains
Mummy gets busy sitting back and taking pictures.

Finding Worms while Weeding

I have resolved to leave patches of daisies here and there for the kids to practice weeding and chain making, while tackling a few here and there, just to help myself feel like I am in control. 
Lesson Learned:  When life gives you weeds; make daisy chains and hand gardening tools over to the kids.

Oh Look.  I can even make myself a corny, inspirational picture quote to help remind me. (Having fun on PicMonkey)


  1. great post katie!!.....why do we think we have to get everything done?.....i don't know.
    my kids are grown ups but sometimes i think maybe we should have spent more time on the "fun stuff" & less time on the "i have to get this done now stuff!"

  2. What absolutely lovely pictures - is that your daughter? She is gorgeous!

  3. Love It! Stumbled across your blog today....I a new blog follower! -kate @


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