Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sun Kissed

This weekend we were indulged.  Great weather, great friends, great food that we didn't prepare ourselves... you get the idea.  
We went to stay at friends house to follow the annual tradition of watching the Eurovision Song Contest.  ALL of us went to stay over.  3 kids, their parents, and the dog.  Brave friends we have, don't you think?  So instead of bringing just a bottle of wine, I decided that they needed some old wood banged together to make a planter.  These are fun to make, especially when you get the Handy Hubby involved.  This time, I got the soldering iron out and added a bit of lovely dovey stuff on it for them.

Here she is planted up and looking quite bare.  I have discovered that succulents go a bit crazy and the other planters I have done with them this year are already over crowded.  I'm sure these will take off in no time.

Thank you JEDWARD and THE BURANOVO GRANNIES for bringing back the cheesy fun back to Eurovision.   My faith is restored.

Snooping round my friend's house and seeing their latest creations.

My girl rocking her unique style.

checking out what they've got growing

Did I mention that we were indulged?

Hope you all had a delightful weekend too!

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  1. we loved having you all with us at the weekend, and reminded us of how lucky we are for having such wonderfull friends. We love our pressy and looking for the perfect spot to display it.
    I know it's a bit selfish, but looking foward to having you all again staying with us. xoxo M&L and Olive.


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